„We’re the solution to your problems.
We’re your ticket to success.
Provided you’re up to the job."
„We’re the solution to your problems.
We’re your ticket to success.
Provided you’re up to the job."

Who we are

We do metalworking for the big brands

Czech, German, Austrian and Swiss foundries bring us metal castings for processing. From small turbochargers for cars to one hundred kilo parts for tractors. We grind, blast and varnish them before checking their quality. From our company they continue on, ultimately becoming components in the machinery of famous brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo, and John Deere.

We are a family company based in a town called Hazlov

Although we work for the world, we are at home here in Hazlov in Franzensbad. There are about 200 Abydosguys. More than twenty years ago, Mrs Kupec helped found and build this company. She has lead the company since 2011. She lives for this company and you can meet her at work every day. In the office and in the manufacturing hall.

We know each other

We talk about work, personal matters and we don’t hide behind paperwork or procedures. We share our ideas and are not afraid to tell each other what we think. No one here is a serial number.

We help each other

Once you become one of us, you can be sure that this company will never let you down. There's plenty of people here that we’ve helped pull out of debt, or supported in their struggles to overcome tough situations.

Everyone has a chance. The same applies for all

We believe that even those who’ve made bad choices, or simply had bad luck, should get a second chance. It’s not our business where someone is from or what God they worship. People going through bankruptcy, ex-prisoners and those in prison. Czechs, Ukrainians, Romanians and Mongolians. You’ll find them all working with us. And you know what? We get along great together.

Lots of well-deserved money

Those who have what it takes can earn the same as they would in Germany. But the work we offer is no walk in the park. Our production is hard work, during which you get dirty from head to toe. Nor is life in the office like a job at a high street bank. Office staff is here primarily for the people in production; they walk among them, where it is dusty and where sparks fly.

Why come and work for us in production?

  • We'll give you a chance. What you really have to offer – time will tell.
  • You have the chance to do work that not everyone can handle.
  • Every problem has a solution. And we'll help you find it.
  • For the best of you, we offer the highest wages.
  • If you stand by us, we’ll stand by you.

Why come and work in our office?

  • You'll see the company in its broader context and learn a plenty of new things.
  • You’ll work with great people who don’t play office politics.
  • You can direct your own future and influence the way the company works. The owner takes pleasure in supporting staff.
  • You’ll earn loads without needing to travel to Germany.
Couldn’t choose from the list of open positions? No problem. Give us your contact information and we will let you know about new positions.


Company-provided transportation

Our great colleagues with company cars take you almost to your front door. A pleasant benefit is the discounted price of transportation.

Starter pack + service clothing

For our new colleagues in production, we have prepared a starter kit with work clothes and work shoes. In addition, each week you will find washed clothes in your locker (with lost buttons replaced!).

Expert training

It doesn’t matter whether you are a welder or you think up new marketing campaigns. We want to work with the best, so we happily allow you to advance your knowledge in your field.

Extra payments and bonuses

Periodically we reward our best colleagues with quarterly and annual bonuses. We celebrate life and work milestones with our employees.

Flexible working hours

When planning shifts, we try to accommodate your needs. If the nature of your work permits, we allow you to work from home (and not just when you’re a mother on maternity leave).

Join us

You’ll find open positions here. For more information please contact Gabriela Aumann, phone:
+420 354 548 444, gabriela.aumann@abydos.cz


Study at college in Germany and get experience in an engineering firm!


High school graduates with leaving exam, an active knowledge of German, and an interest in studying economics
… simply everyone who likes the idea of combining economics and German :-)/span>

Professional practice, part-time work

  • dual undergraduate studies at the Berufsakademie in the Saxony town of Breitenbrunn
  • Business Administration course, with a focus on industrial economics
  • combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills with the support of a mentor – course that alternates quarterly study and practice at our company
  • Financial independence – no tuition fees, monthly stipend of 440 euros (a total of 3 years of study, worth more than 420,000 CZK)
  • Modern facilities within the student campus – library, canteen, accommodation in dormitory, student club
  • Regional proximity between Abydos and the Berufsakademie Breitenbrunn


Dr. Olga Kupec
Abydos s.r.o., Hazlov 247, 351 32
+420 354 548 420

Mgr. Kristýna Deutschová, B.A.
Abydos s.r.o., Hazlov 247, 351 32
+420 777 595 083