Mirek, grinder

at Abydos since 2016

"Abydos gave me a chance when I was a prisoner. And I appreciate it "

For two years I worked here while I was in prison. When I was granted parole, Abydos promised the court to give me a job and housing. And now here I am, a year since my release. I had no previous experience in this field. I was a roofer. But nothing like this. The first few months it was very challenging for my body.

Personally, 37 thousand crowns is the most I’ve earned in a month. But there are a few guys who earn over 40. You have to hang on and be patient. It takes at least six months, before you can earn that sort of money. It depends on how the person himself does and what kind of material he gets. Then there are also some bonuses. For attendance or achieving certain qualifications.

It was an advantage that I had worked here before my release. So when I was hired, I already had the highest qualification. I already knew how to do everything and I knew I would earn enough. There are few places in this region where you could earn more.

I know two or three guys who worked here and then went to Germany. And from what they told me about what they make, I think I’m doing well. They are perhaps actually a bit worse off. They aren’t doing this kind of work, but they have to get up earlier. And they have to pay for fuel. They work eight hours a day, but on top of that they commute four hours to work and home.

I don’t want to work outside anymore. It’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Here, it can be difficult in the summer, but you can work at your own pace. Nobody bullies you here. A man does his job, and nobody bothers him. It suits me.

I especially appreciate the fact that Abydos helped with my release on parole. In addition, I am here paying off debts. I have some legal trouble with debts and still will have for a few more months. The company even offered to arrange bankruptcy for me. There’s a lot of guys here who need help with that. But I refused. My debts aren’t that big.