Martin, technologist

at Abydos since 2012

"I was looking for a company where I could develop and grow. And in Abydos, I found it."

This is going to sound stupid, but at the beginning I was attracted by the primitive technology. I saw an opportunity to move the company forward technologically. And that here I have the chance. Recently, we got a new CNC lathe and a semi-automatic grinder, for which I like to write programs. I decided to study mechanics because of these machines.

Before that I worked in a rubber factory near here. As maintenance supervisor. But it was always the same work. After four years, I decided to find another job in which I could develop. I was hired by another company. The work was more diverse, but the company wasn’t managed well. Unfortunately, I discovered this after a year, which was the impetus for me to leave. I was clear on what I wanted to do. I wanted to find a machine business, where I had potential for development. And I found Abydos, where I have worked for more than seven years.

In Abydos a technologist’s job is more diversified than elsewhere. It’s not just about solving technological procedures, standardization, and testing tools. We also deal with purchasing new technology, drawings, CNC programming, and so on.

It used to be said that at Abydos there was dirt, hard work, and a bad environment. But so much has changed. They’ve installed new exhaust technology, given the grinders filter masks, acquired better equipment and created better working conditions.

It’s definitely hard work at Abydos. It’s a lot of work. Particularly in the production department. Grinding all day is not easy. You have to be physically fit. It’s definitely for fit people who are able to work and have a desire to work. It’s not for loafers.

From my perspective as a father, I see security in this company. A huge advantage here is the flexible working hours. I’m not strictly required to be at work from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. I can choose. Of course I have a certain numbers of hours that I have to fulfill, but it is mostly up to me when I work.

What I like the most is the great team here, the good management approach, a willingness to solve problems and diversity.