Nikola, inspector / grinding machine

at Abydos since 2013

"I know that it won’t be a problem here to provide for a family. And I'm going to have time for family. "

At first it was terrible. My body was not used to physical stress and here I was lifting half a ton every day. Of course, my hands and back hurt. I wanted to give up. I thought that I’d rather be a shop assistant or anything else. But then somehow it became normal, my body got used to it. I became accustomed to the work and to the people here, and I started to enjoy it.

I realized the hard work this job requires. But I also know that there is better-than-average pay. That’s what brought me here.

Abydos does not discriminate in their hiring. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young man with no experience or if you already have some experience. Everyone has the same opportunity to prove what he or she can do. And earn a good paycheck. But you have to understand that you won’t start making lot of money right away. You have to learn how to do everything. For me personally, it took six months to climb to the level I’m at now.

I think these work conditions are comparable with Germany. I have acquaintances who work in Germany. So I know it’s about the same. I think I could pay a mortgage payment from my salary alone. I also have a partner here, though. So I know that when we’re ready to buy our own place, it won’t be a problem.

And I know that when we have a family, we’ll be able to provide for them. That we’ll be able to give our children a nice childhood, with holidays and toys. It won’t be like most people here in the West. I don’t understand how they can feed their families on the salaries they get.

In addition, it won’t be a problem here when I become a mother. Abydos tries to be accommodating so employees have time for family and work.