Hanka, forklift operator

at Abydos since 2019

"I like the freedom, no one is on my back. And I earn great money."

I really enjoy operating a forklift. Before Abydos I worked in various warehouses. I operated a lift or I worked as a machinist supervisor. I’m used to hard work.

There’s more dust and noise here than where I used to work. But there are so many cool people here. When I first started working here, I did not know what to do. All I had to do was ask, and everyone was happy to help me. Especially our foreman.

I am glad that the company has a woman leader. It shows that even a woman can do what a guy can do. I think the our director is doing well. She wants to develop Abydos to a higher level, so that the company doesn’t get the kind of reviews it’s gotten.

If you say Abydos, everyone’s hair stands on end. It’s unfounded, though. In my opinion, the gossip is coming mostly from former employees. People love to gossip.

It’s true that grinders have hard work. But again, they are well paid. If you want to earn money, you have to just work hard. And they have some freedom. Nobody rides your butt.

And another thing I like. If you are choleric, go to Abydos! Here you can shout and no one will hear you. It’s totally awesome!

If someone asked me if he should work here or not, I’d say one thing to him: “If you’ve got it in you, come on over!” Because the work here can only be done by a person who knows how to work and wants to work. And if he wants to earn money, Abydos is the best. Our salary is in practice comparable to salaries in Germany.

People are not aware that in Germany some must commute 200 kilometers to work. And that’s just not worth it. Across the border you can earn around 1,200 Euros. Here at Abydos you can earn more, practically speaking. If you really want to and you work hard.