Info Point is now up and running

Mutual awareness and information flow across the company is sometimes a weaknesses that complicates our work more than we’d imagined. It’s even more difficult when you’re working in a company of four nationalities. We asked ourselves how we could solve this problem, or better yet, how could we at least partially prevent it. The answer is an information space called Info Point, which we created over summer.

What can you find here?

  • Interactive information kiosk
  • Screens display the latest information; every nationality has its own screen!
  • Abydos main noticeboard
  • Information leaflets and the current issue of the magazine Abydos Info
  • A post box for your suggestions and ideas
  • The original mural painting “View into Production”, created by the graphic designer Milan Strnad
  • Vending machines for snacks, hot and cold drinks

We believe that every Abydosguy will love Info Point!