Village of the Year commission arrives at Abydos

On 2 September, the commission for the nationwide competition Village of the Year 2019 paid Abydos a visit as part of assessing the municipality Hazlov. We welcomed commission members into our new Info Point room, and prepared a small task for them. To mark the occasion of this extraordinary gathering, we also presented another check to Danielka, daughter of Abydosguy Jirka, for 10,000 CZK.

The visit of the national commission was arranged as an integral part of the assessment of the municipality, which has now successfully advanced from the regional to the national round. Mayor of Hazlov, Lenka Dvorakova, and her team prepared an all-day program, as part of which the commission also dropped by our company. To give the judges a real taste of the work at Abydos, we gave them a special task – to find a figure hidden in the castings using an endoscope.

We also used this special occasion to give Danielka, the disabled daughter of Abydosguy Jirka, a check for 10,000 CZK. This was money raised by breaking the daily limit for doing dips in a street workout.

You can watch a short video on MVTV.

Nadále pomáháme Danielce