Abydosguys participate in cleaning up Hazlov

Cleaning Hazlov is a traditional activity organized by the municipality, which takes place at least once a year. This time, Hazlov Mayor Lenka Dvorakova announced a brigade for a special occasion – the arrival of the national commission for the competition Village of the Year 2019. As a company based in Hazlov, we feel a share of the responsibility for the way we all live here, and how the community thrives. We therefore pooled our forces as a company and joined in the clean-up on Sunday, September 1. We created our own “sweeper company” made up of our Czech and foreign colleagues.

Managing Director Olga Kupec was inevitably keen to take part: “As a company, we’ve been here in Hazlov for 22 years: this is our home. That is how we see the village. Just because we keep indoors nice and tidy, doesn’t mean we should ignore what happens outside, beyond our doorsteps. Which makes me all the happier when I see so many of our employees taking the time to get involved.”

Hazlov came first in the regional round of the competition Village of the Year 2019 . The national committee that decides on where the village will be placed in the national rankings is assessing Hazlov on 2 September.